Conservation and Energy Modeling

Currently MIES is involved in energy demand analysis and policy evaluation work with three major research themes:

  • Energy market behaviour encompassing issues such as residential and industrial customer behaviour, load research, rate design and responsiveness, demand growth, electricity pricing and market organization.
  • Social and economic/demographic issues including reliable and low cost electricity as an economic driver, electricity as a necessity for low income households and the elderly, non-utility generation and its impact on the environment and indigenous communities.  
  • Energy production in a sustainable environment in terms of the federally promoted Kyoto plans, climate change and variability and emissions trading.

A particular strength of MIES is its blend of technical activities and policy activities each of which inform the other. For example, the successful introduction of substantial amounts of new renewable energy technologies will have wide ranging implications for electricity prices and demand patterns. This group will also construct and test models of energy systems and thus, form platforms to test the predicted impact of proposed social and economic policies; models and software for the simulation of integrated energy systems comprised of a mix of energy production and utilization options will be developed for this purpose.