Cleanfield Energy, The LaPierre Research Group at McMaster, and the Ontario Centres of Excellence have recently entered into a three-year partnership to develop nanowire solar cells.

The LaPierre Research Group is actively seeking students at both the Master’s, Ph.D., and post doctoral levels to develop semiconductor nanowires for photovoltaics. This project combines the fields of nanotechnology, photonics, and energy technologies in an exciting research program. In collaboration with industry, the candidate will be involved in the fabrication and testing of semiconductor nanowires for the next generation of photovoltaic devices.  Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in Physics, Engineering Physics, or a related discipline.  Please direct inquiries to Dr. LaPierre:

Scanning electron microscopy image (18000 times magnification) of GaAs nanowires grown by Dr. LaPierre’s group at McMaster for solar cell devices